Montana State Barefoot Tournament

Saturday, June 25-26, 2016

Entry Fee: No Charge

Registration Deadline is the first 30 skiers to fill out the application and send it to:

Brian Heeney
4060 Buoy Blvd
Helena, MT 59602

Please include a copy of your active USAWS card so the application maybe accepted.

Schedule of Events
      Friday night Barbeque
      8am Saturday June 25, 2016  skiing start (2 rounds of slalom, Tricks and Jump)

The towboat pulling the event will be a Big Block Sanger Barefooter

Accommodations/camping is available at the Heeney’s upon request and hotels are close by.

Chief Judge Brian Heeney
Chief Scorer Linda Heeney
Chief Driver Tim Bailey
Homologator Doug Jordan

Location: Helena Montana
Contact: Brian Heeney: 406-443-7996

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