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Trick Scores For:
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Event Date

DivisionNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Overall
Boys 1Benoist, Billy650  1000,00
Boys 1Benoist, Brody260  400,00
Boys 1Smith, Jason140  215,38
Boys 1Caruso, Andrew70  107,69
Boys 3Wright, Matt2490  1000,00
Boys 3Lamanna, Jason2140  859,44
Boys 3Gonzalez, Eric1020  409,64
Mens 1Alleger, Chip1960  1000,00
Mens 1Glynn, Bill1820  928,57
Mens 1Shulenburger, Travis1390  709,18
Mens 2Terry, Mike1970  1000,00
Mens 2Taylor, Jimmy1880  954,31
Mens 2Kahn, Ovri (Uri)1750  888,32
Mens 2Nill, Bret1150  583,76
Mens 2Lawhorn, Scott880  446,70
Mens 2Heisey, Craig790  401,02
Mens 3Benoist, Brent2290  1000,00
Mens 3Bilas, Zenon1940  847,16
Mens 3Lichterman, John1790  781,66
Mens 3Salber, Michael1570  685,59
Mens 3Meeks, Ronald1390  606,99
Mens 3Finley, Ed1230  537,12
Mens 3Wells, Mark1120  489,08
Mens 3Gabey, Thomas1070  467,25
Mens 6Boyette, Jim530  1000,00
Mens 6Blair, George "Banana"450  849,06
Open MensLee, Adam5220  1000,00
Open MensLee, Jared5220  1000,00
Open MensSable, Andy1970  377,39
Open WomensLee, Brittany1320  1000,00
Womens 2Sherwood, Jody740  1000,00
Womens 2Salverda, Jody740  1000,00


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