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Event Date

DivisionNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Overall
Boys 1Reilly, Ryan1940 1000,00
Entry MensLeach, Morgan250  1000,00
Entry MensHudoba, Gregory240  960,00
Entry MensSolis, Perry130  520,00
Entry MensBingham, Josh103  412,00
Entry WomensZabala, Arantza130105 1000,00
Entry WomensBingham, Whitney22  169,23
Girls 3Woodbury, Kyla310280 659,57
Mens 1Meek, Tyler19301950 1000,00
Mens 2Bingham, Todd500  1000,00
Mens 3Heeney, Brian19402490 1000,00
Mens 3Reilly, Ron9902060 827,31
Mens 3Jordan, Doug17401800 722,89
Mens 3Gerstein, Michael1100  441,77
Mens 3Anderson, Eric820  329,32
Mens 4Sternagel, Chris22502150 1000,00
Mens 4Butler, Al220220 97,78
Mens 5McFeters, Donald1090  1000,00
Open MensSt Onge, Keith55406790 1000,00
Open MensFarrell, William44105450 802,65
Open MensKanawyer, Jerry36303730 549,34
Open WomensMorse, Sherri A13601190 1000,00
Womens 1Little, Bobbie470  1000,00
Womens 2Gerstein, Carla290  617,02
Womens 3Reilly, Dana240  510,64


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