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Barefooting  "Water-skiing's Ultimate Challenge"

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Event Date

DivisionNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Overall
BoysSikes Jr, Kenneth M.495  402,44
Jr. GirlsShewmaker, Ashley230  1000,00
Mens 2Kanawyer, Jerry2860  1000,00
Mens 2Temby, Mike1980  692,31
Mens 2McKee, Malcom1560  545,45
Mens 2Gustafson, Philip1560  545,45
Mens 2Scruton, Mark870  304,20
Mens 2Roberts, Randy565  400,71
Mens 2Allred, Chris440  153,85
Mens 2Crofts, Tim435  353,66
Mens 2Roberts, Denise220  611,11
Mens 2Seal, James20  16,26
Mens 3Lupo, Lou1410  1000,00
Mens 3Meyer, Greg1230  1000,00
Mens 3Butler, Gary1160  822,70
Mens 3Sikes Sr., Kenneth470  333,33
Open MensFarrell, William52503950 1000,00
Open MensHazen, Mark21801590 415,24
Open WomensFarrell, Dawn10101190 967,48
Open WomensWinslow, Christine12301170 1000,00
Womens 1Little, Bobbie510  1000,00
Womens 1Herby, Nancy260  509,80
Womens 2Marino, Yvonne660  825,00
Womens 2Gustafson, Erica360  1000,00


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