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Event Date

DivisionNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Overall
Boys 3Sternagel, Seth1850  1000,00
Girls 3Sternagel, Stefanie1360  1000,00
Mens 2Lovato, Joe10401160 1000,00
Mens 2Sparkes, Jason770  663,79
Mens 3Ross, David11502880 1000,00
Mens 3Jordan, Doug17102870 996,53
Mens 3McKee, Malcom10001400 486,11
Mens 3McCarville, Andy1830  635,42
Mens 3Conway, Andrew1360  472,22
Mens 3Sanborn, Scott1100  381,94
Mens 3Fasbender, Mike500  173,61
Mens 3Schiro, Steven360  125,00
Mens 3Haun, Dennis320  111,11
Mens 4Bradley, Patrick10301060 821,71
Mens 4Gerstein, Michael1290  1000,00
Mens 4Meyer, Greg1050  813,95
Mens 4Landon, Dave810  627,91
Mens 4Bailey, Tim470  364,34
Mens 5Butler, Al850  1000,00
Mens 5Dwyre, Terry650  764,71
Mens 6McFeters, Donald1270  1000,00
Open MensHeeney, Brian41803480 1000,00
Open MensDaneker, Adin21502750 657,89
Open MensSternagel, Chris28802100 689,00
Open MensKanawyer, Jerry400  95,69
Open Mens IntCroteau, Gordie36003210 1000,00
Open Pro MensFarrell, William7930  1000,00
Womens 2Herby, Nancy260  1000,00
Womens 3Gerstein, Carla880980 830,51
Womens 3Cederstrand, Tenley1180  1000,00
Womens 3Farrell, Dawn1090  923,73
Womens 3McKee, Gina1030  872,88
Womens 3Ross, Kerry500  423,73
Womens 4Medina, Debbe-Ann860  1000,00
Womens 4Landon, Claudia450  523,26
Womens 5Myers, Judy90  1000,00


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