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Barefooting  "Water-skiing's Ultimate Challenge"

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Trick Scores For:
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Event Date

DivisionNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Overall
Mens BHeeney, Brian4180  1000,00
Mens CMorrison, Al4750  1000,00
Mens CBenoist, Billy3010  633,68
Mens CWiseman, Royal2300  484,21
Mens CWiseman, Gary2300  484,21
Mens CBenoist, Brody2100  442,11
Mens CSuarez, Michael1900  400,00
Mens CHanson, Kip1830  385,26
Mens CWilliamson, Mark650  136,84
Open MensSt Onge, Keith9460  1000,00
Open MensFarrell, William8230  869,98
Open MensBrzoza, William4900  517,97
Open MensLee, Jason4700  496,83
Open MensCaruso, Michael3300  348,84
Open MensBoyd, Ryan3250  343,55
Open WomensWiser, Kay1600  1000,00
Open WomensMorse, Sherri A1500  937,50
Womens CSzwed, Laura1670  1000,00
Womens CSternagel, Stefanie1660  994,01
Womens CMorrison, Amy1105  661,68
Womens CBacon, Malorie900  538,92


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