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Event Date

DivisionNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Overall
Boys 1Benoist, Billy1220  1000,00
Boys 3Caruso, Michael22402130 749,16
Boys 3Lamanna, Jason15901380 531,77
Boys 3Wright, Matt2990  1000,00
Boys 3Gonzalez, Eric1800  602,01
Boys 3Holt, Steven670  224,08
Girls 3Reid, Natasha10701020 1000,00
Mens 1Lipschultz, Dan2040  1000,00
Mens 1Alleger, Chip2000  980,39
Mens 2Geyer, Tim10401360 697,44
Mens 2Held, Todd830830 425,64
Mens 2Kahn, Ovri (Uri)1950  1000,00
Mens 2Heisey, Craig860  441,03
Mens 2Carter, Todd680  348,72
Mens 3Salber, Michael21901960 986,49
Mens 3Frankenbush, Mike2220  1000,00
Mens 3Benoist, Brent2040  918,92
Mens 3Wells, Mark1740  783,78
Mens 3Bilas, Zenon1630  734,23
Mens 3Gabey, Thomas1500  675,68
Mens 3Lichterman, John1480  666,67
Mens 3Wiser, Joe1210  545,05
Mens 3Meeks, Ronald1170  527,03
Mens 3Rohrbach, Tex1140  513,51
Mens 4Holt, Mike1570  1000,00
Mens 6Boyette, Jim610  1000,00
Open MensLee, Jason49004180 721,65
Open MensBowers, Lane6790  1000,00
Open MensScarpa, Ron6790  1000,00
Open MensNichols, Billy2610  384,39
Open MensSable, Andy2580  379,97
Open Mens IntSands, Brett3980  1000,00
Open Mens IntMacDonald, Paul2340  587,94
Open Mens IntTerry, Mike1690  424,62
Womens 2Stokes, Heather10501050 897,44
Womens 2Wiser, Kay890780 760,68
Womens 2Alderman, Karen800610 683,76
Womens 2Sherwood, Jody1170  1000,00
Womens 2Salverda, Jody1170  1000,00
Womens 2Cunningham, Michelle950  811,97


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