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Barefooting  "Water-skiing's Ultimate Challenge"

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Trick Scores For:
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Event Date

DivisionNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Overall
Boys 1Boyd, Ryan13501670 932,96
Boys 1Lamanna, Jason14801500 837,99
Boys 1Caruso, Michael17901310 1000,00
Boys 1Magee, Tyler8101230 687,15
Boys 1Barcelo, Simon11201130 631,28
Boys 1Trudel, Jean10901120 625,70
Boys 1Benoist, Brody630710 396,65
Boys 1Rosenberg, Julius1150440 642,46
Boys 1Benoist, Billy750290 418,99
Girls 1Bacon, Malorie760550 1000,00
Mens 3Farrell, William28004700 1000,00
Mens 3Benoist, Brent18901890 402,13
Mens 3Kolasko, Daniel8401510 321,28
Mens 3Askin, Gary370640 136,17
Mens 3Fremin, Tom22800 485,11
Mens 3Spence, Mike180  38,30
Open Mens IntLee, Jason27403480 943,09
Open Mens IntScarpa, Ron36902950 1000,00
Open Mens IntStokes, Paul32702140 886,18
Open Mens IntBaker, Don26901540 729,00
Open Mens IntCroteau, Gordie9701100 298,10
Open Womens IntScarpa, Karyn9301460 1000,00
Open Womens IntVerreault, Isabelle7801290 883,56
Open Womens IntReid, Natasha3201190 815,07
Open Womens IntHall-Bourne, Kim320900 616,44
Womens 3Farrell, Dawn11301250 1000,00
Womens 3Tuleck, Cathy160220 176,00


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