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2003 Barefoot Nationals
Date: 13-Aug-03      Class: RC
Location: Shortline Lake, Elk Grove - CA  ,   USA

Boat used: Malibu Barefooter
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

Boat used: Open Boat
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

Boat used: Sanger Barefooter
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Chief JudgeRufenacht, Doug K1   
Asst. Chief JudgeFormella, Andrea1   
Judge-BoatBrownrigg, Dr. John 1  
Judge-BoatCarlson, Sharon  21
Judge-BoatCederstrand, Tenley 132
Judge-BoatCummings, Dan 123
Judge-BoatCummings, Jan   1
Judge-BoatEhlers, Blake 12 
Judge-BoatHeeney, Brian  31
Judge-BoatHeeney, Linda 224
Judge-BoatKnapp, Joseph B 243
Judge-BoatKoch, Derek 323
Judge-BoatMalenfant, Joe 233
Judge-BoatMcKee, Gina 122
Judge-BoatScoggin, Annette 1  
Judge-BoatSoubliere, Rick  23
Judge-BoatStevens, Dale R 233
Judge-BoatStone, Lee 222
Judge-BoatTauras, Jimmy 231
Judge-BoatTocco, Thomas  1 
TimerPellaton, Sean 4 1
DockStarterAnderson, Betsy  1 
DockStarterBrownrigg, Dr. John  42
DockStarterButler, Gary  23
DockStarterCarlson, Sharon   1
DockStarterCoretti, Jon   1
DockStarterGilman, Betsy  1 
DockStarterPellaton, Tim  11
Chief DriverHonsinger, Tad1   
Asst. Chief DriverSchoenke, Mike1   
DriverBailey, Tim 122
DriverButler, Gary1   
DriverDaneker, Adin1   
DriverHonsinger, Tad112 
DriverKanawyer, Jerry1   
DriverMeyer, Greg1   
DriverMiller, David 133
DriverPellaton, Tim 212
DriverSchoenke, Mike 211
DriverTremblay, Leonard   1
Chief ScorerKoch, Doug1   
Asst. Chief ScorerKanawyer, Jerry1   
ScorerBoyd, John1   
ScorerBoyd, Ryan1   
ScorerBrownrigg, Dr. John1   
ScorerCarlson, Sharon1   
ScorerCederstrand, Tenley1   
ScorerCummings, Dan1   
ScorerDigiacomo, Denise1   
ScorerEhlers, Blake1   
ScorerGerstein, Carla1   
ScorerHanson, Kerry1   
ScorerKanawyer, Jerry1   
ScorerKoch, Derek1   
ScorerKoch, Patricia1   
ScorerMalenfant, Joe1   
ScorerMeyer, Greg1   
ScorerMiller, David1   
ScorerMorrison, Connie1   
ScorerScoggin, Annette1   
ScorerSherwood, Ron1   
ScorerSoubliere, Kathy1   
ScorerSoubliere, Nikole1   
ScorerSoubliere, Rick1   
ScorerTauras, Jimmy1   
ScorerWest, Micheal1   
RunnerBoyd, Ryan 2  
RunnerGerstein, Carla 2  
RunnerHanson, Kerry 1  
RunnerScoggin, Annette 3 1
RunnerSoubliere, Nikole 1  
RunnerTauras, Jimmy 2  
Chief SafetyPellaton, Tim1   
SafetyButler, Gary1   
SafetyFarrell, Dawn1   
SafetyFarrell, William1   
SafetyHeeney, Brian1   
SafetyRufenacht, Doug K1   
HomologatorButler, Gary1   
HomologatorDaneker, Adin1   
HomologatorJordan, Doug1   
HomologatorMalenfant, Joe1   
VideographerAttinella, Chris  32
VideographerRollins, Jim  32
VideographerRufenacht, Danny  43
VideographerTowers, Kevin  11


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