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2001 National Barefoot Championships
Date: 15-Aug-01      Class: RC
Location: Otter Tail River, Fergus Falls - MN  ,   USA

Boat used: Barefoot Sanger
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

Boat used: Flightcraft XL20
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

Boat used: Open Boat
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Tournament DirectorKoch, Patricia1   
Chief JudgeHeeney, Brian1   
Asst. Chief JudgeCummings, Jan1   
Judge-BoatBoyd, Ryan 2  
Judge-BoatCarlson, Sharon  11
Judge-BoatCummings, Dan 1 1
Judge-BoatCummings, Jan 111
Judge-BoatDwyre, Terry  11
Judge-BoatEhlers, Blake 222
Judge-BoatFarrell, Dawn 412
Judge-BoatFormella, Andrea 2  
Judge-BoatGabey, Thomas 224
Judge-BoatGabey, Thomas L. 224
Judge-BoatGray, Richard 2  
Judge-BoatHeeney, Linda  21
Judge-BoatHonsinger, Tad 1 1
Judge-BoatKanawyer, Jerry 111
Judge-BoatKnapp, Joseph B 122
Judge-BoatKoch, Derek  1 
Judge-BoatMacDonald, Paul  1 
Judge-BoatMalenfant, Joe 332
Judge-BoatMcKee, Gina 1  
Judge-BoatRufenacht, Doug K  42
Judge-BoatStevens, Dale R 332
Judge-BoatStone, Lee 312
Judge-BoatTauras, Jimmy 221
Judge-BoatTaylor, Kim 41 
Judge-BoatTocco, Thomas 1  
TimerBoyd, Ryan 1  
TimerHartman, Mike 1  
DockStarterEpifanio, Barbara   1
DockStarterEpifanio, Steve  1 
DockStarterForster, Jim   1
DockStarterHartman, Mike  13
DockStarterJordan, Doug  1 
DockStarterMcFeters, Donald  11
DockStarterSoubliere, Nikole  1 
Chief DriverSchoenke, Mike1   
DriverBailey, Tim 212
DriverBaker, Don 11 
DriverBolin, Thomas A 21 
DriverCummings, Dan 122
DriverDaneker, Adin 1  
DriverJordan, Doug  11
DriverMcKee, Gina 22 
DriverMeeks, Ronald 114
DriverSchoenke, Mike 2  
DriverSchuler, Terry  1 
DriverSchwanke, John C   1
Chief ScorerWright, Janet1   
ScorerBoyd, John1   
ScorerBoyd, Ryan1   
ScorerCarlson, Sharon1   
ScorerCummings, Dan1   
ScorerDigiacomo, Denise1   
ScorerFarrell, Dawn1   
ScorerFormella, Andrea1   
ScorerHeeney, Brian1   
ScorerHeeney, Linda1   
ScorerHoffmann, Theresa1   
ScorerKanawyer, Jerry1   
ScorerKoch, Doug1   
ScorerMalenfant, Joe1   
ScorerMcKee, Gina1   
ScorerMeyer, Greg1   
ScorerRegan, Tom1   
ScorerRufenacht, Doug K1   
ScorerTauras, Jimmy1   
ScorerWright, Janet1   
RunnerKoch, Patricia 1  
Chief SafetySoubliere, Rick1   
SafetyKaestner, Ken   1
SwimmerAnderson, Betsy   1
SwimmerGilman, Betsy   1
SwimmerSoubliere, Rick 2  
SwimmerWheeler, David  1 
SwimmerWheeler, Wayne  1 
HomologatorStevens, Dale R1   
Asst. HomologatorHonsinger, Tad1   
VideographerBusch, Jeremy  1 
VideographerKeith, Kevin  1 
VideographerMiller, David  22
VideographerOlinde, Geoff  12
VideographerWilliamson, Mark  11


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