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2000 Southern Series Opener
Date: 18-Mrz-00      Class: RC
Location: McCormicks Lakes, Seffner - FL  ,   USA

Boat used: Barefoot Sanger
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

Boat used: Flightcraft XL20
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Tournament DirectorBenoist, Brent1  
Chief JudgeMann, Oscar "Foot"1  
Asst. Chief JudgeLee, Michael1  
Judge-BoatGabey, Thomas 11
Judge-BoatGabey, Thomas L. 11
Judge-BoatGray, Richard 11
Judge-BoatLee, Michael  1
Judge-BoatMacDonald, Paul 1 
DockStarterBacon, Malorie  1
DockStarterBenoist, Billy 1 
Chief DriverBenoist, Brent1  
Asst. Chief DriverMeeks, Ronald1  
DriverGabey, Thomas1  
DriverGabey, Thomas L.1  
DriverGray, Richard1  
DriverMeeks, Ronald11 
DriverSands, Brett1 1
DriverTerry, Mike1  
Chief ScorerWright, Janet1  
Asst. Chief ScorerLee, Darlene1  
Asst. Chief SafetyBenoist, Brent1  
Asst. Chief SafetyPortman, Charlene1  
SafetyPortman, Charlene  1
HomologatorMann, Oscar "Foot"1  
Asst. HomologatorBenoist, Brent1  
VideographerGuindon, Todd  1
VideographerNuding, Greg 1 


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