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1999 Barefoot Nationals
Date: 12-Aug-99      Class: RC
Location: Terre Mare, Houston - TX  ,   USA

Boat used: Barefoot Sanger
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

Boat used: Flightcraft XL20
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

Boat used: Open Boat
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Chief JudgeStevens, Dale R1   
Asst. Chief JudgeHeeney, Brian1   
Asst. Chief JudgeMann, Oscar "Foot"1   
Judge-BoatBrownrigg, Dr. John 233
Judge-BoatCarlson, Sharon 231
Judge-BoatCummings, Jan 124
Judge-BoatDwyre, Terry 212
Judge-BoatEhlers, Blake  11
Judge-BoatFarrell, Dawn  21
Judge-BoatFormella, Andrea 211
Judge-BoatHarris, Andy 11 
Judge-BoatHeeney, Linda  1 
Judge-BoatKanawyer, Jerry 123
Judge-BoatKnapp, Joseph B 121
Judge-BoatMalenfant, Joe 212
Judge-BoatMixon, Don Sr  43
Judge-BoatPiskura, James 1  
Judge-BoatPiskura, Jim 1  
Judge-BoatPiskura, Lorraine Burio  21
Judge-BoatRufenacht, Doug K 522
Judge-BoatSchwanke, John C 131
Judge-BoatStewart, Gary 222
Judge-BoatTauras, Jimmy 412
Judge-BoatTerry, Mike   1
Judge-BoatTocco, Thomas   1
Judge-ComputerTocco, Thomas 1  
TimerHartman, Mike 1  
TimerLee, Michael 1  
TimerSimon, Don 1  
Chief DriverHonsinger, Tad1   
Asst. Chief DriverJordan, Doug1   
DriverBenoist, Brent 1  
DriverBolin, Thomas A1411
DriverEasley, Dennis1 11
DriverHarper, David1 1 
DriverHonsinger, Tad 111
DriverJordan, Doug 232
DriverMcKee, Gina111 
DriverPiskura, James11  
DriverPiskura, Jim11  
DriverSchoenke, Mike 231
DriverScippa, Pat  12
Chief ScorerDawson, Bonnie1   
Asst. Chief ScorerLee, Darlene1   
Asst. Chief ScorerWright, Janet1   
ScorerDawson, Bonnie1   
ScorerFormella, Andrea1   
ScorerFriel Sr., Paul F1   
ScorerGeorge, Georgia1   
ScorerGeorge, Toby1   
ScorerGerstein, Carla1   
ScorerKanawyer, Jerry1   
ScorerKretchman, Amanda1   
ScorerLee, Darlene1   
ScorerLee, Michael1   
ScorerPiskura, Lorraine Burio1   
ScorerSilvey, Amy1   
ScorerStewart, Rhonda1   
ScorerTerry, Mike1   
ScorerTocco, Thomas1   
ScorerWright, Janet1   
Chief SafetyRufenacht, Doug K1   
Asst. Chief SafetyEhlers, Blake1   
SafetyAylor, Rollan  21
SafetyButterworth, Brian1   
SafetyGabey, Thomas   1
SafetyGabey, Thomas L.   1
SafetyHoffmann, Theresa1   
SafetyMcCarty, Lee  1 
SafetyPegg, Brad  1 
SafetyPrzybylski, Jim  11
SafetySalber, Michael1   
SafetySheppard, Rod   1
SafetySpell, Jimmy   1
SafetySternagel, Chris  1 
SafetyTorres, Merl  2 
SwimmerBerger, Brandon  1 
SwimmerBourbonnais, Clay  1 
SwimmerCummings, Dan  1 
SwimmerMeeks, Ronald   1
SwimmerStone, Lee   1
HomologatorButler, Gary1   
Asst. HomologatorDwyre, Terry1   
Asst. HomologatorKoch, Doug1   
VideographerBacon, Malorie  1 
VideographerBusch, Jeremy  22
VideographerEasley, Paula  1 
VideographerKanawyer, Jerry   1
VideographerLee, Jared  22
VideographerPiskura, Lorraine Burio  1 
VideographerStewart, Gary  11


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