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2017 Barefoot Blowout
Date: 02-Jun-17      Class: RC
Location: Stevenson Ski Ranch, Conroe - TX  ,   USA

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Chief JudgeStone, Lee1   
Asst. Chief JudgeEhlers, Blake1   
Judge-BoatCummings, Dan 112
Judge-BoatCummings, Jan  3 
Judge-BoatEhlers, Blake  2 
Judge-BoatEhlers, Landen  11
Judge-BoatEhlers, Lauren   1
Judge-BoatShank, Mark 1 1
Judge-BoatStone, Lee  11
Judge-BoatTauras, Jimmy  2 
Judge-ComputerCummings, Jan 1 1
Judge-ComputerEhlers, Blake   1
Judge-ComputerEhlers, Lauren  11
Judge-ComputerShank, Mark  1 
Judge-ComputerStone, Lee  1 
Chief DriverRollins, Jim1   
Asst. Chief DriverEhlers, Landen1   
DriverEhlers, Landen  21
DriverRollins, Jim 111
DriverShank, Mark  11
Chief ScorerShank, Mark1   
Asst. Chief ScorerEhlers, Lauren1   
ScorerCummings, Dan  11
ScorerCummings, Jan  11
ScorerEhlers, Blake   1
ScorerEhlers, Landen  21
ScorerEhlers, Lauren  31
ScorerRollins, Durant  11
ScorerShank, Mark  41
ScorerStone, Lee  12
Chief SafetyEhlers, Blake1   
SafetyEhlers, Blake 141
HomologatorCummings, Jan1   
Asst. HomologatorEhlers, Lauren1   
VideographerRollins, Durant  1 


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