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Skier's History For:
Alexandria Youngblood
01-Nov-192019 Pan Am Barefoot Championships18Women10,6250010,6
25-Aug-192019 USA TEAM TRIALS18Open Women7,400,0
22-Aug-192019 US Barefoot Nationals18Open Women13,7330011,4
20-Jul-192019 Ed Finley Southern Regionals18Open Women13,8312010,4
20-Jul-192019 Ed Finley Bonus18Open Women13,4010,8
11-Aug-182018 IWWF Junior World Barefoot Championships17Girls14,0280012,0
11-Aug-182018 IWWF Open World Barefoot Championships17Women14,030009,8
26-Jul-182018 U.S. Barefoot Nationals17Open Women13,6310011,0
19-Aug-172017 Michigan Barefoot Tournament16Open Women13,427000,0
01-Aug-172017 US Barefoot Nationals16Open Women12,2270010,6
29-Jul-172017 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals16Open Women7,5255010,1
14-Aug-162016 Junior Barefoot World Championships15Girls10,820509,1
03-Aug-162016 US Barefoot Nationals15Open Womens9,8180010,4
25-Jun-162016 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals15Girls 39,820009,0
29-Aug-152015 Cooler by the Lake14Girls 39,523500,0
14-Aug-152015 US Nationals Age Division Finals14Open Women5,500,0
11-Aug-152015 US Barefoot Nationals14Girls 38,322000,0
17-Jul-152015 Midwest Regionals14Girls 39,121200,0
15-Aug-142014 US BArefoot Nationals Performance Finals13Open Women0,010900,0
12-Aug-142014 US Barefoot Nationals13Girls 25,611500,0
18-Jul-142014 East Reional Championships13Girls 25,49800,0
15-Aug-132013 US Nationals12Girls 21,46500,0
26-Jul-132013 Midwest Regionals12Girls 23,09800,0
26-Aug-122012 Junior Barefoot World Championship11Girls2,69000,0
22-Jul-122012 Silver Spray Sports11Girls 22,67000,0
30-Jun-122012 NH Barefoot Bonanza11Girls 22,55800,0
10-Aug-112011 US National Barefoot Championship10Girls 12,43300,0
22-Jul-112011 Midwest Regionals10Girls 12,43900,0
16-Jul-112011 Michigan Barefoot Open10Girls 12,63200,0
11-Sep-102010 Cooler by the Lake9Girls 11,6900,0
22-Jul-102010 US Barefoot Nationals9Girls 10,0900,0
09-Jul-102010 Midwest Regionals9Girls 10,070
20-Jul-082008 Michigan State Barefoot Tournament7Entry Womens0,000,0
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