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Skier's History For:
Greg Meyer
08-Aug-062006 USA Nationals51Mens 413,2630
28-Jul-062006 Western Regionals51Mens 415,41270
11-Sep-052005 Silverado Qualifier50Open Mens17,0
23-Jul-052005 West Reg Pick & Choose50Mens 415,2
22-Jul-052005 Western Regionals50Mens 415,81600
18-Apr-052005 Senior Worlds50Open Mens12,7
12-Sep-042004 Flipper Sports Open49Open Mens15,8
11-Sep-042004 Diablo Shores Open49Open Mens16,4
11-Aug-042004 Barefoot Nationals49Mens 414,91600
30-Jul-042004 Western Regional Championships49Mens 414,01730
07-Okt-032003 Sr Worlds4814,8
13-Aug-032003 Barefoot Nationals48Mens 415,71900
25-Jul-032003 Western Regionals48Mens 416,11050
09-Jun-032003 Flipper Sports Challenge48Mens 416,4320
07-Jun-032003 Diablo Shores Open48Mens 416,71550
17-Mai-032003 Lakeview Open48Mens 415,6
21-Aug-022002 World Championships Rnd 347Open Mens
20-Aug-022002 World Championships47Open Mens7,3
14-Aug-022002 Barefoot Nationals47Mens 416,31750
28-Jul-022002 Western Regionals Rnd 347Mens 413,1
27-Jul-022002 Western Regionals47Mens 416,01350
30-Jun-022002 DIABLO SHORES OPEN47Mens 416,91200
23-Jan-022001 Sr World Championships Rnd 347
22-Jan-022001 Sr World Championships4714,7
20-Aug-012001 Senior Pan Am Championships46Open Mens13,0
15-Aug-012001 National Barefoot Championships46Mens 413,10
27-Jul-012001 Western Regionals46Mens 417,61840
01-Jul-012001 Shortline Barefoot Open46Open Mens17,31300
30-Jun-012001 California State Barefoot46Open Mens18,0
23-Aug-002000 World Championships4514,7
21-Aug-002000 World Seed Scores45
10-Aug-002000 National Championships45Mens 3
28-Jul-002000 Western Regionals45Mens 316,31580
03-Okt-991999 Footober Classic44Mens 317,8
02-Okt-991999 Banana Lake Bonanza44Open Mens16,5
21-Aug-991999 Sr World Championship Rnd 344Open Mens
20-Aug-991999 Sr World Championship44Open Mens14,6
01-Aug-991999 Western Reg P & C44Mens 316,8
30-Jul-991999 Western Reg Performance44Mens 316,0
29-Jul-991999 Western Regionals44Mens 314,00
26-Jun-991999 CALIFORNIA STATE44Mens 316,0500
20-Aug-9898 BAREFOOT NATIONALS43Mens 314,81530
31-Jul-9898' Western Regional Champtionships43Mens 315,81690
14-Sep-971997 Discovery Bay Open42Mens 315,3570
23-Aug-9797' Nationals Performance FInals42Open Mens14,6
21-Aug-9797 Barefoot Nationals42Mens 314,61290
01-Aug-9797 Western Regionals42Mens 314,31740
14-Aug-9696 BAREFOOT NATIONALS41Mens 312,51470
28-Jul-9696 West Reg. Performance Finals41Mens 312,8
26-Jul-9696 Western Regionals41Mens 313,8910
20-Apr-961996 Last Chance41Mens 313,3
12-Apr-961996 Barefoot Mania41Mens 312,41640
14-Okt-9595' PARADISE LAKES TOURNAMENT40Mens 313,81560
19-Aug-9595' Performance Finals40Open Mens12,8
17-Aug-951995 US Barefoot Nationals40Mens 312,8910
03-Aug-951995 WESTERN REGIONALS40Mens 39,61510
29-Jul-951995 Cal State Barefoot Challenge40Mens C11,51530
09-Okt-941994 BAREFOOT MANIA39Mens 310,81320
08-Okt-941994 Wine Country Open39Mens C12,11360
29-Jul-9494' ABC Western Regionals39Mens 38,11000
17-Jul-941994 LAKEVIEW OPEN39Mens 31040
16-Okt-9393Barefoot Mania38Mens 37,0890
17-Jul-931993 Wine Country Open38Mens 36,01240
26-Jun-9393CHEYENNE LAKE OPEN38Mens 34,71230
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