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Skier's History For:
Jason Lee
11-Aug-182018 IWWF Open World Barefoot Championships38Men18,346800,0
11-Aug-182018 IWWF Senior World Barefoot Championships38Sr Men18,1648023,5
26-Jul-182018 U.S. Barefoot Nationals38Open Pro17,5553021,6
19-Mai-182018 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals38Open Pro0,000,0
05-Mai-182018 Summer Splash38Open Pro17,6575020,1
21-Apr-182018 PGA Season Opener38Open Pro18,066500,0
01-Aug-172017 US Barefoot Nationals37Open Pro17,8565024,7
29-Jul-172017 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals37Open Pro17,0915024,3
20-Mai-172017 Southern Splash37Open Pro18,0725022,3
22-Apr-172017 PGA Season Opener37Open Pro0,067000,0
14-Aug-162016 Open Barefoot World Championships36Men17,8655025,0
03-Aug-162016 US Barefoot Nationals36Open Pro Mens18,6985020,4
25-Jun-162016 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals36Open Pro Mens18,4725023,3
21-Mai-162016 Worlds Qualifier36Open Pro Mens18,4530020,4
23-Apr-162016 PGA Season Opener36Open Pro Mens18,445000,0
25-Jul-152015 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals35Open Pro Mens18,026000,0
09-Mai-152015 PGA Season Opener35Mens 217,054000,0
17-Aug-032003 US Team Trial23Open Mens18,4470024,1
13-Aug-032003 Barefoot Nationals23Open Pro Mens18,2480024,0
26-Jul-032003 Souther Regionals23Open Pro Mens17,2295024,3
21-Jun-032003 UBC23Open Pro Mens18,4370022,4
21-Aug-022002 World Championships Rnd 322Open Mens19,423,7
20-Aug-022002 World Championships22Open Mens18,4350024,8
14-Aug-022002 Barefoot Nationals22Open Pro Mens18,8575024,1
27-Jul-022002 Southern Regionals22Open Mens18,2441022,4
22-Jun-022002 UBC22Open Mens18,2490022,3
20-Okt-012001 Monster Mash Barefoot Bash 200121Open Mens17,8510018,7
19-Aug-012001 Pan Am Championships21Open Mens18,0667023,4
15-Aug-012001 National Barefoot Championships21Open Pro Mens18,0550023,4
21-Jul-012001 South Central Regionals21Open Pro Mens18,8350022,9
24-Aug-002000 World Championships Rnd 320Open Mens19,1
23-Aug-002000 World Championships20Open Mens19,2259023,7
21-Aug-002000 World Seed Scores20Open Mens
13-Aug-002000 US Open20Open Mens19,2387022,1
10-Aug-002000 National Championships20Open Mens19,8419022,6
29-Jul-002000 Southern Regionals20Open Mens18,8537022,1
15-Jul-002000 SouthCentral Regionals20Open Mens19,0424023,0
24-Jun-002000 SUMMER SPLASH20Open Mens19,6467022,8
10-Jun-002000 Master's Barefoot Championships20Open Mens19,0419022,4
23-Okt-991999 Monster Mash19Open Mens17,4579022,2
15-Aug-991999 US Open19Open Mens18,43190
12-Aug-991999 Barefoot Nationals19Open Mens17,7444022,5
22-Jul-991999 SOUTHERN REGIONALS19Open Mens17,1490023,8
11-Jul-991999 Pan America Championships Final19Open Mens Int18,8442024,6
09-Jul-991999 Pan America Championships19Open Mens Int17,8348024,6
26-Jun-991999 CALIFORNIA STATE19Open Mens12,5439024,4
27-Aug-981998 Canadian Open18Open Mens
23-Aug-9898 US OPEN18Open Mens17,14790
20-Aug-9898 BAREFOOT NATIONALS18Open Mens18,3359023,1
27-Jun-981999 Orlando Tournament18Open Mens17,03440
23-Apr-9898' World Championship Rnd 1-218Open Mens18,6444021,1
20-Feb-9898' Team Trials18Open Mens17,2450021,7
31-Aug-9797' 2nd World Junior Barefoot Rd 317Open Mens17,8415019,7
27-Aug-9797' 2nd World Junior Barefoot Ch. 1&217Open Mens19,0475018,9
24-Aug-9797 US Open Round 1 & 217Open Mens18,6
21-Aug-9797 Barefoot Nationals17Open Mens18,8230018,1
19-Jul-9797 Southern Regionals17Open Mens
05-Jul-9797' ABC Junior Team Trials17Open Mens0,000,0
15-Jun-971997 Tampa Two Round17Open Mens18,04140
01-Jun-9797' America's Challenge PC17Open Mens18,1345016,3
15-Aug-9696 U. S. Barefoot Open16Open Mens
14-Aug-9696 BAREFOOT NATIONALS16Open Mens17,2184019,8
02-Aug-9696' Southern Regional B/F16Open Mens11,3199015,6
23-Jun-9696' Bartow Barefoot Tournament16Mens B
22-Jun-9696' Bartow Tournament RC16Mens B16,0301013,7
24-Aug-9595 World Junior Barefoot Championships15Open Mens16,31900
17-Jun-9595' JRO Memorial Barefoot Jamboree15Boys12,0105012,8
12-Nov-9494' Jr World Warm Up14Boys0,0236013,2
28-Okt-9494' '94 MONSTER MASH14Boys17,222609,0
18-Aug-941994 US Barefoot Nationals14Boys13,71460
29-Jul-9494' Southern Regional Barefoot14Boys15,62120
19-Jul-9494' Black Ceek RC14Boys15,22120
12-Jul-9494' Black Creek C314Boys14,91460
25-Jun-9494' AUSTIN BAREFOOT BLOWOUT14Boys13,8460
14-Mai-9494' North Carolina State14Boys11,01870
01-Jan-9494' Jro Memorial Barefoot Jamboree14Boys7,52080
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