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Skier's History For:
Vicki Klein
28-Sep-192019 Diablo Shores Barfoot Bash57Women B0,04500,0
04-Aug-192019 U.S. Western Regionals Pick & Choose57Women B0,03500,0
03-Aug-192019 U.S. Western Regionals57Women B0,34000,0
13-Jul-192019 Silverado Barefoot Challenge57Women B0,04000,0
10-Aug-112011 US National Barefoot Championship49Womens 42,04000,0
15-Jul-112011 South Central Regional Championships49Womens 40,15500,0
04-Jun-112011 Brad Pegg Memorial495 Rotten Eggs0,15000,0
14-Aug-102010 -Pit 4 Barefoot Tournament481,44700,0
22-Jul-102010 US Barefoot Nationals48Womens 40,04250,0
10-Jul-102010 South Central Region Championship48Womens 40,14000,0
04-Jun-102010 Mystic Lakes Hot Foot48Womens 40,84700,0
12-Aug-092009 Barefoot Nationals47Womens 40,95500,0
26-Jul-092009 SCR Championships Pick N Choose47Womens 40,04000,0
23-Jul-092009 South Central Regional Championship47Womens 40,32500,0
19-Jun-092009 UBC478 Egg Toss0,04200,0
06-Jun-092009 Mystic Lakes Foot Fest47Womens 40,03000,0
19-Jul-082008 South Central Region Championship46Womens 40,5370
07-Jun-082008 Mystic Lakes Barefoot Foot Fest46Womens 40,1300
13-Aug-072007 Lake Elmo Sports National Championships45Womens 30,62000,0
21-Jul-072007 South Central Region Championship45Womens 30,02000,0
08-Jun-072007 Wichita Hotfoot45Womens 30,02300,0
22-Jul-062006 SouthCentral Regional Championships44Womens 3
10-Jun-062006 Wichita Hotfoot44Womens 30,3
01-Jun-012001 Eck Invitational Tournament39Entry Womens365
13-Mai-9595' WICHITA RIVER FEST33210
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