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Skier's History For:
Cody Heller
25-Aug-192019 USA TEAM TRIALS34Open Men0,000,0
22-Aug-192019 US Barefoot Nationals34Open Men9,2024,4
27-Jul-192019 Midwest Regionals34Open Men13,2023,0
29-Jun-192019 Tri-State Championships34Open Men14,0022,4
14-Aug-162016 Open Barefoot World Championships31Men14,280024,1
03-Aug-162016 US Barefoot Nationals31Open Mens12,9126024,5
09-Jul-162016 Midwest Regionals31Open Mens14,2151022,5
11-Aug-152015 US Barefoot Nationals30Open Mens14,2136023,7
17-Jul-152015 Midwest Regionals30Open Mens14,0217024,6
27-Jun-152015 Amber Open30Open Mens13,228900,0
12-Aug-142014 US Barefoot Nationals29Open Mens13,3222024,1
18-Jul-142014 Midwest Regionals29Open Mens13,4204025,8
12-Jul-142014 Cooler by the Lake29Open Mens14,214100,0
15-Aug-132013 US Nationals28Open Mens12,7152023,1
26-Jul-132013 Midwest Regionals28Mens 214,095023,5
28-Jun-132013 WI OPEN28Mens 213,200,0
27-Aug-122012 Open Barefoot World Championships27Men12,9107025,1
24-Aug-122012 Jump Jam27Open Mens0,0024,1
08-Aug-122012 ABC National Championships27Mens 212,5120023,0
27-Jul-122012 Midwest Regionals27Mens 213,0176023,1
14-Jul-122012 Blue Moo Chickfest/Pick & Cheese27Mens 20,0019,5
29-Jun-122012 WI Open27Mens 212,9151023,2
11-Sep-112011 Cooler by the Lake26Mens 213,423450,0
10-Sep-112011 Shoto Best of the Worst26Mens 20,000,0
10-Aug-112011 US National Barefoot Championship26Mens 212,7101025,8
22-Jul-112011 Midwest Regionals26Mens 212,9201024,6
24-Jun-112011 WI Open26Mens 113,2216024,1
18-Sep-102010 Jump Jam25Mens 10,0024,7
11-Sep-102010 Cooler by the Lake25Mens 113,400,0
08-Aug-102010 Open World Barefoot Championships25Men11,7141024,9
22-Jul-102010 US Barefoot Nationals25Mens 112,6178025,8
09-Jul-102010 Midwest Regionals25Mens 112,395022,4
25-Jun-102010 WI Open25Mens 113,3133025,4
20-Jun-102010 Moo Cow Moon Shot25Open Pro Mens0,0025,2
12-Aug-092009 Barefoot Nationals24Mens 111,5189524,4
24-Jul-092009 Midwest Regionals24Mens 110,950024,5
12-Jul-092009 Moo Cow Moon Shot24Open Mens0,0023,9
26-Jun-092009 WI Open24Mens 112,315600,0
22-Jan-092009 Open World Championships24Men0,000,0
12-Aug-082008 Lake Elmo Sports National Championships23Mens 111,7138018,5
01-Aug-082008 Moo Cow Moon Shot230,0020,5
25-Jul-082008 Midwest Regionals23Mens 110,4125018,3
27-Jun-082008 WI/IL Open23Mens 19,710200,0
13-Aug-072007 Lake Elmo Sports National Championships22Mens 19,1106011,2
26-Jul-072007 Midwest Regionals22Mens 19,4160514,1
22-Jun-072007 WI IL State Open22Mens 19,912800,0
08-Aug-062006 USA Nationals21Mens 16,9116013,0
21-Jul-062006 Midwest Regionals Championship21Mens 17,85000,0
09-Aug-052005 Nationals20Mens 12,8110512,8
29-Jul-052005 Midwest Regionals20Mens 10,000,0
11-Aug-042004 Barefoot Nationals19Mens 14,97009,2
23-Jul-042004 Midwest Regional Barefoot Champ.19Mens 15,49907,3
26-Jun-042004 WI State Barefoot Championships19Mens 14,3730
27-Jun-032003 WI State Barefoot Tournament18Entry Mens5,5710
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