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Skier's History For:
Blake Ehlers
20-Sep-192019 Pedernales Open57Men A0,026000,0
25-Aug-192019 USA TEAM TRIALS57Men A12,900,0
22-Aug-192019 US Barefoot Nationals57Men A13,822609,3
27-Jul-192019 SCR Regionals57Men A14,320109,5
08-Jun-192019 Barefoot Blowout57Men A11,7250010,5
11-Aug-182018 IWWF Senior World Barefoot Championships56Sr Men0,021208,9
26-Jul-182018 U.S. Barefoot Nationals56Men A11,523509,6
14-Jul-182018 South Central Regional Championships56Men A13,2250012,4
02-Jun-182018 Barefoot Blowout56Men A13,425000,0
30-Sep-172017 Pedernales River Open55Men A12,525000,0
05-Aug-172017 US Nationals Division Finals55Men A0,012000,0
01-Aug-172017 US Barefoot Nationals55Men A10,821009,4
29-Jul-172017 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals55Men A6,319009,2
22-Jul-172017 South Central Regional Championships55Men A8,717508,5
02-Jun-172017 Barefoot Blowout55Men A13,223000,0
20-Mai-172017 Southern Splash55Men A0,000,0
14-Aug-162016 Senior Barefoot World Championships54Men0,020100,0
03-Aug-162016 US Barefoot Nationals54Mens 511,8240010,1
15-Jul-162016 South Central Regional Championship54Mens 59,723508,0
17-Jun-162016 Mystic Lakes Foot Fest54Mens A9,613008,2
14-Aug-152015 US Nationals Age Division Finals53Open Mens0,008,8
11-Aug-152015 US Barefoot Nationals53Mens 49,214209,6
17-Jul-152015 SC Regionals53Mens 413,222307,4
01-Jun-152015 UBC536 Bad Eggs12,115008,3
12-Aug-142014 US Barefoot Nationals52Mens 410,413609,4
19-Jul-142014 SCR Regionals52Mens 44,319309,3
06-Jun-142014 UBC526 Bad Eggs12,418109,0
15-Aug-132013 US Nationals51Mens 48,717308,6
19-Jul-132013 SouthCentral Regional Championships51Mens 45,913009,8
21-Jun-132013 UBC516 Bad Eggs12,812308,4
08-Aug-122012 ABC National Championships50Mens 48,318008,9
20-Jul-122012 South Central Region Championships50Mens 412,7113010,0
22-Jun-122012 Ultimate Barefoot Challenge504 Scrambled Eggs12,817908,2
10-Aug-112011 US National Barefoot Championship49Mens 49,85009,0
15-Jul-112011 South Central Regional Championships49Mens 412,921109,4
18-Sep-102010 Jump Jam48Mens 40,009,7
22-Jul-102010 US Barefoot Nationals48Mens 413,218609,0
10-Jul-102010 South Central Region Championship48Mens 412,718509,0
25-Jun-102010 Ultimate Barefoot Championship481 Eggies12,618508,6
01-Mai-102010 ski ranch May48Mens 413,221009,4
18-Sep-0909 Barefoot Ski Ranch Opener47Mens 413,620509,7
12-Aug-092009 Barefoot Nationals47Mens 48,1164010,6
26-Jul-092009 SCR Championships Pick N Choose47Mens 413,300,0
23-Jul-092009 South Central Regional Championship47Mens 413,0195010,2
19-Jun-092009 UBC478 Egg Toss13,219507,5
06-Jun-092009 Mystic Lakes Foot Fest47Mens 411,67808,8
22-Mrz-092009 SCR Drivers Clinic470,000,0
21-Mrz-092009 SCR Judges & Scorers Clinic470,000,0
12-Aug-082008 Lake Elmo Sports National Championships46Mens 412,613009,9
19-Jul-082008 South Central Region Championship46Mens 413,314009,4
20-Jun-082008 UBC461 Eggies13,813008,2
07-Jun-082008 Mystic Lakes Barefoot Foot Fest46Mens 48,512008,9
21-Jul-072007 South Central Region Championship45Mens 313,310009,1
06-Jul-072007 Puddle Jump45Mens 313,81400
22-Jun-072007 UBC - Houston45Mens 314,090010,2
22-Jul-062006 SouthCentral Regional Championships44Mens 313,015509,0
23-Jun-062006 UBC44Mens 314,212009,2
20-Mai-062006 ABSC Barefoot Blowout44Mens 313,4800
22-Apr-062006 Spring Fling Thing44Mens 313,300,0
09-Aug-052005 Nationals43Mens 310,024008,8
23-Jul-052005 South Central Regionals43Mens 38,121509,0
04-Jun-052005 Perdenales Prayer Club Puddle Jump43Mens 313,222009,0
21-Mai-052005 UBC43Mens 310,217507,6
16-Okt-042004 Monster Mash42Open Mens13,313002,6
11-Aug-042004 Barefoot Nationals42Mens 312,521559,1
31-Jul-042004 04 SC Regional Championship42Mens 312,965010,4
10-Jul-042004 TerraMare No Frills S.L.42Mens 313,019009,9
19-Jun-042004 Wichita Hotfoot Tournament42Mens 34,617007,2
18-Okt-032003 Monster Mash 200341Texans10,714008,3
13-Aug-032003 Barefoot Nationals41Mens 313,620509,2
26-Jul-032003 SC Regional Championship41Mens 312,8130010,0
21-Jun-032003 UBC41Mens 310,0190011,3
18-Mai-032003 Teramere Standing List Rnd 341Mens 313,3
17-Mai-032003 Teramere Standing List41Mens 312,31300
19-Okt-022002 Monster Mash 200240Frankenfooters9,19007,1
14-Aug-022002 Barefoot Nationals40Mens 310,6130010,2
20-Jul-022002 South Central Regionals40Mens 312,5130012,6
22-Jun-022002 UBC40Mens 312,4235010,0
08-Jun-022002 Wichita Barefoot Tournament40Mens 38,8130011,6
09-Mrz-022002 Mardi Gras Mambo40Mens 35,11170
23-Jan-022001 Sr World Championships Rnd 340Open Mens
22-Jan-022001 Sr World Championships40Open Mens107010,8
17-Feb-012001 Mardi Gras Mambo39Mens 36,614500,0
21-Okt-002000 Monster Mash38Mens 310,512900,0
10-Aug-002000 National Championships38Mens 310,817400,0
15-Jul-002000 SouthCentral Regionals38Mens 311,2179011,9
17-Jun-002000 Wichita Barefoot Tournament38Mens 311,619200,0
02-Jun-002000 UBC38Mens 311,7209016,5
29-Apr-002000 Spring Fling Ski Thing38Mens 311,510400,0
26-Feb-002000 mardi gras mambo38Bead Snatchers10,7204014,9
23-Okt-991999 Monster Mash37Mens 35,717700,0
12-Aug-991999 Barefoot Nationals37Mens 38,015100,0
24-Jul-9999' South Central Regional Championships37Mens 38,913500,0
19-Jun-9999' Barefoot Shredder37Mens 35,8132013,4
23-Mai-9999' Bayou Boogie37Zydeco14,8
22-Mai-9999' UBC37Zydeco8,8149014,0
08-Mai-9999' Wichita River Festival37Mens 39,516200,0
27-Mrz-9999' Austin Barefoot Blowout37Mens 37,613709,4
27-Feb-9999' Mardi Gras Mambo37Bead Snatchers1,597010,7
24-Okt-9898' Monster Mash 9836Mens 37,6123011,1
01-Aug-9898' South Central Region Championship36Mens 34,8144011,0
27-Jun-9898' Barefoot Shredder36Mens 38,6152011,1
13-Jun-9898' Austin Barefoot Blowout 199836Mens 36,5740
30-Mai-9898' Ultimate Barefoot Championship36Mens 37,160011,7
09-Mai-9898' Wichita River Festival36Mens 36,89609,7
07-Feb-9898' Mardi Gras Barefoot Mambo36Mens 310,11150
21-Aug-9797 Barefoot Nationals35Mens 26,2121011,9
02-Aug-9797' SCR Barefoot Championship35Mens 28,7129010,6
28-Jun-9797' MidSummer Foot Fest35Mens 27,489010,7
14-Jun-9797' 97' Austin Barefoot Blowout35Mens 29,49909,6
31-Mai-971997' Ultimate Barefoot competition35Mens 27,56608,2
10-Mai-9797' Wichita River Festival35Mens 27,18406,4
26-Okt-9696' MONSTER MASH34Mens 27,2410
28-Jul-9696' SCR PINK N CHOOSE34Mens 26,3
27-Jul-9696' '96 SCR REGIONALS34Mens 20,5450
08-Jun-9696' AUSTIN BAREFOOT BLOWOUT34Mens 24,4420
10-Jun-9595' AUSTIN BAREFOOT BLOWOUT33Novice Men4,0580
25-Jun-9494' AUSTIN BAREFOOT BLOWOUT32Entry Mens3,0220
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