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Skier's History For:
Jess Caserta
10-Nov-182018 Turkey Tumble57Men C6,9440
15-Jul-172017 Eastern Regionals56Mens B7,8480
23-Jul-162016 Eastern Regional Championships55Mens 50,000,0
24-Jul-152015 Eastern Regional Barefoot Championships54Mens 57,44300,0
18-Jul-142014 East Reional Championships53Mens 47,8350
19-Jul-132013 EASTERN REGIONALS52Mens 45,6830
21-Jul-122012 East Regionals51Mens 45,70
29-Jul-112011 EASTERN REGIONALS50Mens 47,610800,0
09-Jul-102010 Eastern Regional Barefoot Championship49Mens 46,0380
17-Jul-092009 Eastern Regionals48Mens 48,74300,0
25-Jul-082008 EASTERN REGIONALS47Mens 49,24300,0
13-Jul-072007 ABC Eastern Regional46Mens 47,14300,0
29-Jul-062006 Eastern Regionals45Mens 39,01160
23-Jul-052005 Eastern Regionals44Mens 39,01360
24-Jul-042004 Eastern Regionals43Mens 39,81180
26-Jul-032003 Eastern Regionals42Mens 39,81080
19-Jul-022002 Regionals41Mens 39,41230
08-Sep-012001 Port Indian Finally40Mens 3
04-Aug-012001 Kahuna40Mens B9,6980
21-Jul-012001 Eastern Regionals40Mens 38,71380
24-Jun-012001 Pa State Championships40Mens B
23-Jun-012001 Keith Friel Memorial40Mens B
10-Aug-002000 National Championships39Mens 39,81290
05-Aug-002000 Kahuna Run 200039Mens B8,2350
22-Jul-0021st Eastern Regionals39Mens 39,31510
08-Jul-002000 Vermont Blast 200039Mens B8,71190
25-Jun-002000 PAOpen II39Mens B9,11090
25-Jun-002000 PA State Championships39Mens 39,11090
24-Jun-002000 Keith Friel Memorial39Mens 39,51100
24-Jun-002000 K Friel Memorial39Mens B9,51100
10-Jun-002000 Bay State Opener 200039Mens B8,3580
12-Aug-991999 Barefoot Nationals38Mens 39,31150
02-Aug-991999 The Kahuna that Shagged Me38Mens B9,51100
24-Jul-991999 EASTERN REGIONALS38Mens 39,71070
10-Jul-9999 Vermont Blast38Mens 39,1770
26-Jun-9999' Keith Friel Memorial Challenge38Mens 39,91100
25-Jun-991999 Port Indian Open38Mens 39,9640
12-Jun-9999 Bay StateOpener38Mens B9,1960
12-Sep-9898 Port Indian Season Finale37Mens 39,41340
20-Aug-9898 BAREFOOT NATIONALS37Mens 310,0750
08-Aug-9898' Lolla Kahuna37Mens B10,11460
25-Jul-9898 EASTERN REGIONALS37Mens 39,11290
11-Jul-9898' Vermont Blarefoot Blast 9837Mens 39,91050
21-Jun-981998 KEITH FRIEL MEMORIAL37Mens 36,7430
20-Jun-981998 PA State Championships37Mens B8,4100016,0
21-Aug-9797 Barefoot Nationals36Mens 38,7470
09-Aug-9797' kahuna meets big bonaza36Mens 39,41440
26-Jul-9797' eastern regional 9736Mens 38,81440
12-Jul-979th Vermont Blast36Mens 36,9580
14-Aug-9696 BAREFOOT NATIONALS35Mens 29,61300
10-Aug-9696' Kahuna Impossible35Mens 29,91540
26-Jul-9696' Eastern Regional Championship35Mens 29,51140
13-Jul-9696 10th Annual VT Barefoot Blast35Mens 29,311400,0
16-Jun-9696' Pennsylvania State Championships35Mens 28,4940
15-Jun-9696' Keith Friel Memorial Challenge35Mens 26,01200
09-Sep-9595' Port Indian Barefootin Finale34Mens 29,81120
12-Aug-9595' Kahuna Forever34Mens 29,1440
20-Jul-9595EASTERN REGIONALS34Mens 27,7114011,2
25-Jun-9595' Keith Friel Memorial Barefoot Tourn.34Mens 28,11060
24-Jun-9595' Port Indian Barefoot Tournament34Mens 29,49100,0
22-Jul-941994 Eastern Regionals 233Mens 26,2108010,0
09-Jul-9494 Vermont Barefoot Blast33Mens 26,6580
18-Jun-941994 PA State Championships & Open33Mens 27,266010,6
12-Sep-9393 Never Sink Footin Finale32Mens 24,810,3
11-Sep-9394' PISC Finale 9332Mens 24,51060
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