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Barefooting  "Water-skiing's Ultimate Challenge"

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DivisionNameBest SlalomBest TricksBest JumpOverall SlalomOverall TricksOverall JumpOverall
Boys 1Benoist, Brody6,48001000,01000,0 0,0
Boys 2Benoist, Billy6,814401000,01000,0 0,0
Boys 2Caruso, Andrew2,8290411,8201,4 0,0
Boys 3Caruso, Michael15,420401000,01000,0 0,0
Entry MensDuke, Haywood Jr.2,8660875,01000,0 0,0
Entry MensJensen, Jeremy3,23201000,0484,8 0,0
Entry MensMard, Brad1,4230437,5348,5 0,0
Girls 1Bacon, Malorie6,07701000,01000,0 0,0
Mens 1MacDonald, Paul14,81000,0  0,0
Mens 1Guindon, Todd8,314800,1560,81000,0 0,0
Mens 1Leininger, Danny Boy3,9180263,5121,6 0,0
Mens 1Lamanna, Jason8,8113021,8594,6763,51000,00,0
Mens 2Gray, Richard15,01000,0  0,0
Mens 2Mylle, John5,2690346,7579,8 0,0
Mens 2Zinn, Frank10,894011,6720,0789,91000,00,0
Mens 2Terry, Mike13,9926,7  0,0
Mens 2Strutzel, Chad10,0119021,0666,71000,01000,00,0
Mens 3Benoist, Brent14,224901000,01000,0 0,0
Mens 3Wolfrau, Kittl9,27709,9647,9309,21000,00,0
Mens 3Nuding, Greg4,6620323,9249,0 0,0
Mens 3Meeks, Ronald9,514809,7669,0594,4979,80,0
Mens 3Whittaker, Michael12,61810887,3726,9 0,0
Mens 3Wells, Mark9,81170690,1469,9 0,0
Mens 3Held, Todd6,3720443,7289,2 0,0
Mens 4Gabey, Thomas9,9145012,01000,01000,01000,00,0
Mens 4Godard, Ivan4,6600464,6413,8 0,0
Mens 5GRANT, RICHARD4,48501000,01000,0 0,0
Open MensSands, Brett18,6523021,1989,4759,1890,30,0
Open MensFleck, Peter17,723,7941,5 1000,00,0
Open MensSt Onge, Keith18,46870978,7997,1 0,0
Open MensScarpa, Ron18,868901000,01000,0 0,0
Open MensBowers, Lane15,9845,7  0,0
Open MensWright, Matt14,2177023,2755,3256,9978,90,0
Womens 2Cunningham, Michelle6,0759,5  0,0
Womens 2Sherwood, Jody7,911001000,01000,0 0,0
Womens 2Salverda, Jody7,911001000,01000,0 0,0
Womens 2Taylor, Jennifer2,6850329,1772,7 0,0
Womens 3Poteet, Lisa60 1000,0 0,0

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