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Event Date

DivisionNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Overall
Boys 3Williamson, Mark12,0  1000,00
Boys 3Hanson, Kip8,5  708,33
Girls 3Sternagel, Stefanie8,9  1000,00
Mens 1Koch, Derek9,9  1000,00
Mens 1Friedle, Eric9,6  969,70
Mens 2Parsons, Stuart11,3  1000,00
Mens 2Walsh, Tom10,4  920,35
Mens 2Boehm, Jeffrey9,9  876,11
Mens 2Sherwood, Ron9,8  867,26
Mens 3Stein, Jeff14,0  1000,00
Mens 3Schoenke, Mike13,2  942,86
Mens 3Schuler, Terry12,6  900,00
Mens 3Soubliere, Rick12,3  878,57
Mens 3Jordan, Doug11,7  835,71
Mens 3Rufenacht, Doug K11,4  814,29
Mens 3Ross, David10,7  764,29
Mens 3Stenson III, Rick10,6  757,14
Mens 3Kaufman, Rich10,2  728,57
Mens 3Buonaiuto, Tony10,0  714,29
Mens 3Ehlers, Blake9,2  657,14
Mens 4Morrison, Gene10,5  1000,00
Mens 4Knapp, Joseph B9,1  866,67
Open MensTowers, Kevin19,521,4 1000,00
Open MensWilliamson, Kevin Jr.21,121,2 990,65
Open MensSalber, Michael21,319,3 995,33
Open MensMorrison, Al18,118,7 873,83
Open MensCoretti, Jon18,617,8 869,16
Open MensSuarez, Michael19,90,0 1000,00
Open MensWiseman, Gary18,30,0 1000,00
Open MensWiseman, Royal18,30,0 1000,00
Open MensDamuth, Phillip12,60,0 1000,00
Open MensNichols, Billy12,00,0 560,75
Open MensHeeney, Brian11,2  523,36
Open MensHetherington, Brian10,1  471,96
Open MensMiller, David9,5  443,93
Open Mens IntSmith, Cameron7,1  1000,00
Open Pro MensBowers, Lane24,324,7 1000,00
Open Pro MensBrzoza, William24,024,6 995,95
Open Pro MensSt Onge, Keith22,924,4 987,85
Open Pro MensLee, Jason24,023,5 971,66
Open WomensSoubliere, Nikole12,613,7 1000,00
Open WomensNormand, Rachel10,811,9 868,61
Open WomensFormella, Andrea10,610,9 795,62
Open WomensMorse, Sherri A9,7  708,03

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